FitBit Surge

First obsession with fitness tracker was when iPhone 5s came with an accelerometer. Carrying that iPhone around wasn’t a problem except there was no heart rate monitor. No problem, download free apps that do that. Then in comes iPhone 6 Plus. Monster of a device... read more

Kindle Paperwhite

Nature abhors a void. Now that I’ve quitted a game that was seriously time-consuming. With some spare time, I had to fill the gap. And I discovered Kindle Paperwhite. Yea yea, it’s been around. There are better models. And there is iPad too for reading.... read more

What Fellowship Has Light With Darkness?

2 Corinthians 6:14 what fellowship has light with darkness? Went through a house cleansing. This is the most costly part of my life. I burned my magic the gathering cards. Incinerated about 15kg of them. Set aflame expansions from Invasion till M15 (a collection... read more

Shooting With Limited Gear

Not on photography duty today for SIBKL Leaders Advance meeting, but was handed a camera to help take pictures. Instead of having my comfortable Nikon D700 full frame at hand, I had Nikon D7000 to work with. Without my trusty 70-200mm f/2.8 for this low light event,... read more

SIBKL Romans Quiz

SIBKL Young Adults just had their Romans Quiz. Full house! Each zone has so many cells (each an average of 12 people) which has so many people that were so fired up that the competition was stiff. My cell, Joy of the Lord had a mere 6 participant but we won 4th place!... read more

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

[Edit] Don’t find this keyboard that great anymore when compared to a mechanical keyboard. The gels underneath the keys can’t be compared to the awesome click of a mechanical one. And I miss the num pad being there when I need it. A recent purchase to... read more

Starting A New Once Again

For some odd reason I deleted all my old posts and always wanted to start blogging afresh. Hope to never do that again. The first blog I started had a plugin problem that I didn’t know was easily fixed by FTP and renaming each plugin folder until the culprit is... read more

Hailey 1st Birthday

Hailey just turned one-year-old! Mel is so good at sourcing and getting this party together. Mainly invited parents with kids so they too can enjoy the... read more