Sherman & Fay Cheng Family Photography

Capturing family gathering is always a challenge worth taking on. The key is to arrange the family in such a way when you see the picture, you can kind of tell it's made up of several units of families and their hierarchy.

ChWong Family Portraits

Color coded family portraits when the baby turned 6 months old. First grandchild for both sides of the family giving the parents an instant upgrade to grandparents.

Jason & Avis Wedding Photography

Congratulations on Jason and Avis on their next big journey in life! As a childhood friend, I brought my whole gear without being asked. They serve as a great conversation starter to catch up with old friends.

Jia Peng & Tze Lih Wedding Photography

A typical chinese wedding has many tables of family and guest during their wedding dinner celebration. And they love to drink!

Jon & Sue Registrar of Marriage Photography

"From conception to Salvation, we have your back!" says the insurance agent. Though we can't photograph that wide range of life's events, we got you covered too for your Registrar of Marriage. Congratulations to Jon & Sue!

Hailey One Year Birthday Photography

The one year mark carries a special moment for any newborn. It marks the beginning of an awesome journey! Congratulations Hailey!

Hannah’s Birthday Party Photography

Hannah's now 3 years old! A small gathering with close friends and family as long there's a nice cake along with it ;)

Michael Lim Birthday Photography

It's never too old to throw a party, that's why Michael held his birthday where they had low sang on a pool table. Being a bit creative we got some nice tossing photos.

The Marriage Preparation Course Photography

Taking photos of The Marriage Preparation Course was challenging as the host love having the lights dimmed for a romantic atmosphere, it was so dark the pianist wasn't equipped with enough lighting to see her scoresheet. To our advantage, we had the permission to use...

Water Baptism Photography

Water Baptism photography is an interesting event to shoot. People pledging their faith and decide to follow Jesus, no turning back. Full submersion is biblical, and started off in the river Jordan. Today we use a custom swimming pool. There were 32 people getting...

E16 Unstoppable SIBKL Photography

E16 has been the biggest event in 2016. Being a leader to 14 other photographers, it was actually rewarding to be prepared knowing the sequences from top to bottom. The goal is to capture the event so that in 10 years time, the photos will bring back fond...