Shooting With Limited Gear

Not on photography duty today for SIBKL Leaders Advance meeting, but was handed a camera to help take pictures. Instead of having my comfortable Nikon D700 full frame at hand, I had Nikon D7000 to work with. Without my trusty 70-200mm f/2.8 for this low light event, but rather a 18-105mm f/3.5-f/5.6 seriously tested me. Moreover no flash is allowed!

So the solution was to enable auto-ISO and allow it to hit the ceiling of 6400 if necessary. When possible, walk nearer to the subject, that way you don’t have to zoom so much and get a wider aperture.

Thankfully Nikon D7000 noise handling isn’t as bad as a Nikon D90. Nikon D90 is as useful as a brick… or for my kid to pick up photography.

Discovered that YouTube has many episodes of professionals challenged to use limited gear such as a compact, polaroid or even a “point and shoot” that you have to “point and shoot by faith” kind of camera. They were creative enough to work around with what they have.

SIBKL Romans Quiz

Romans Word Cloud

SIBKL Young Adults just had their Romans Quiz. Full house! Each zone has so many cells (each an average of 12 people) which has so many people that were so fired up that the competition was stiff.

My cell, Joy of the Lord had a mere 6 participant but we won 4th place! We almost didn’t want to join. Wanted to pull out. We know we don’t know our geography. But we persevered!

We aced the mapping module with last minute study.

We aced the memory verse module (38 of 40 points). Coz, ahem, I memorized the whole thing ;)

And we did pretty good on the multiple choice question with an average of 33 of 40 points.

First prize had RM1000, we won a fraction of it; but my life is now so much more blessed by this exercise by having more than Romans 3:23 under my belt.

Hopefully next year will have another quiz. Woohoo!

JOTL Romans Quiz (more…)

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

A recent purchase to replace my old keyboard (Microsoft Ergonomic 4000, wired) was this Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard and Mouse.

If you’re a programmer like me, typing hours on end on this keyboard will let you feel comfortable at the wrist after hours of smashing away like coding monkeys.

The keyboard has a piano gloss kind of surface which makes it look elegant, but also a dust magnet. Speaking of magnet, it’s battery compartments are held together by magnets. The gap between the keyboard has no function other than to provide an ergonomic curve, or maybe to stash a candy bar as you burn that midnight oil.

The palm rest on the keyboard is just so comfortable my wrist are falling asleep right now.

Chuck away the numpad. It takes up space unless you use the numberings as arrow keys in a game. With the numpad out of the way, the mouse is closer to the keyboard which means you don’t have to reach soooooo far to grab the mouse.

The mouse ain’t no gaming mouse, but it functions well without a mouse pad as long the surface isn’t glossy or glass. When you hold the mouse, you will notice that your hand isn’t tilted and the wrist isn’t pressing onto the table causing RSI to some people. Comes with a useless Windows button, and a useless “back” button below the useless Windows button.

But all is made useful with software! If you have a Macro software that can hotkey any keyboard combination, you can map your windows key to launch or type anything. Personally I use Hot Keyboard.

Installation was a breeze on Windows. Plug in the receiver into any USB port and you are up and running in 15 seconds flat. For more functionality, visit the Microsoft website and download drivers for this set. It allows you map some of the keys to popular functions. My most frequent function is double-click.

Hope you enjoy this review as I did typing on the keyboard. Will gradually review more products that I personally use :D

Starting A New Once Again

For some odd reason I deleted all my old posts and always wanted to start blogging afresh. Hope to never do that again. The first blog I started had a plugin problem that I didn’t know was easily fixed by FTP and renaming each plugin folder until the culprit is found… and so abandoning it and all it’s chatter.

So let’s begin!